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Steps to make a Girl Know You Want Her Without Making Her Feel Awkward

Steps to make a Girl Know You Want Her Without Making Her Feel Awkward


Making a woman conscious for you as well that you like her can automatically create feelings of awkwardness, whether or not she has feelings. But, if you would like use the discreet approach, you could do a number of things which do not include saying the words, “i love you.” Take note of her response and reactions to your actions, as they can provide you an idea as to her feelings that are true well as exactly just how embarrassing your actions can be making her.

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  • Give Consideration
  • Drop Hints
  • Connect Through Conversation
  • Don’t Overdo Things

1 Give Consideration

Show her that you will be interested by watching her. Using notice will make her feel truly special. Compliment her new hairstyle or mention that her sweater color really makes her eyes sparkle. Take serious notice of just just what she wants to eat for meal or along with that she seems to prefer because she wears it many times –then, surprise her favorite snack or perhaps a pen inside her favorite color. Make note of her mood. Tell her it is nice to see her smiling and happy. That she seems to be a little down, ask her how she is feeling and why she isn’t wearing her usual smile if you notice.

2 Drop Tips

Make tips to exhibit that you’re interested. Ask to stay with her books or walk her to her class with her at lunch, help her. Try to add her in your plans — such as for example for the weekend that is upcoming. State something such as, “I would personally love to make a move interesting this weekend. Have you got any special plans?” If she doesn’t have unique plans and is perhaps not defer by the questions, follow through by asking if she wish to take action together.