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This Horrendous ‘Relationship Advice’ Reddit Post Is Proof So How Fragile Men Could Be

This Horrendous ‘Relationship Advice’ Reddit Post Is Proof So How Fragile Men Could Be

Absolutely nothing more intimate than forcing your gf to remain to you by convincing her that she stinks, hey.

The r/Relationship Advice and r/Am we The Asshole subreddits have already been an tool that is insightful learning that… some individuals are simply majorly fucked up.

Even though the social network sites could be a good spot to get genuine relationship and life advice, a current post has kept individuals disturbed. Within the post entitled ‘Boyfriend won’t stop telling me personally We have B.O.’ by u/ThrowRA-doistink, the unidentified girl recounts her experience with her boyfriend of just one 12 months.

Works out, that while almost anything is ideal into the relationship, he’s been telling her every at least once a day, that she stinks day. The woman said that she has changed her habits completely in response to his comments.

“Now i’m therefore paranoid about smelling bad that I shower at the least twice each day, we use brand new commercial energy deodorant every few hours (We have a reminder back at my phone), perfume, and I brush my teeth anytime we drink or eat something which is not water,” she had written.

“I feel I’m going crazy… i have already been to your medical practitioner and then he has said there is certainly nothing clinically incorrect,” the lady proceeded. “I am getting so paranoid. He won’t cuddle or any such thing as he states we smell.